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As specialist gas meter suppliers we stock a wide range of domestic gas meters, commercial gas meters and gas meter parts and accessories.

So, whether you need a turbine, rotary, diaphragm, or prepayment gas meter, a solenoid valve, gas regulator or gas ancillary, we have the right solution for all your gas metering needs.

Diaphragm gas metersUsed in most residential and smaller commercial installations, the diaphragm gas meter can measure even a very small gas flow rate and is one of the most popular meters out there.A virtually continuous flow of gas is directed by internal gas valves which fill and expel gas.  This advanced meter technology means that you can rely on gas meter accuracy for a long time to come.

Turbine Gas MetersProviding gas even when your meter service is interrupted, a turbine gas meter is perfect for industrial applications where gas flow continuity is crucial,Using gas velocity for measuring the volume of gas within the meter, these inferential style meters limit the measure and lower gas flow rates

Our range of turbine meters are all, space saving, inline meters and a variety of options are available, including a biogas option, to suit your application.

Gas RegulatorsA gas pressure regulator matches the flow of gas to the systems demand for it, to ensure that you get the safest pressure for your application.Our range of domestic and industrial regulators includes a propane regulator, natural gas regulator, a butane regulator, Dresser Chatterbox Isolation Unit and an ISKRA meters logger.

Rotary Gas MetersA highly machined precision piece of equipment, the rotary gas meter is a more precise instrument that handles higher pressures than diaphragm meters.  These positive displacement meters are designed to measure gas, for custody transfer or technical measurement applications.

SolenoidA gas solenoid valve is an electromechanical valve used to control liquid flow rate or gas flow rate.Thanks to the excellent reliability of our valves you will benefit from long term automated fluid and gas control that you can trust.