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Aichi Tokei Denki AS Series Ultrasonic Flowmeter – Save with convenient facility management from MWA Technology

Aichi Tokei Denki AS Series Ultrasonic Flowmeter – Save with convenient facility management

September 13, 2018

MWA are the sole UK distributor of Aichi Tokei Denki’s AS Series Ultrasonic Flowmeter for Fuel Gas – The focus of this month’s product spotlight. In fact, MWA are sole UK distributors for all meters manufactured by the Japanese R&D-oriented enterprise. Aichi Tokei Denki has a century-long history and tradition for pushing technological boundaries with truly unique solutions.

We’ll be going into specific detail on the AS Series’ wide rangeability, zero pressure loss and how it can contribute to cost saving and convenient facility management. Watch our product spotlight video below and continue reading for a variety of other features and benefits, all of which could be crucial in informing a decision on whether this meter is the right meter for your establishment.

AS Series – Wide Rangeability

Even when the flow rate is low, extremely accurate measurements are possible thanks to a wide rangeability of 1:400. The AS Series Ultrasonic Flowmeter will measure gas consumption at high sensitivity and precision thanks to its built-in normal conversion function.

The gas consumption flow rate, temperature, and pressure are converted into the normal state, allowing for more detailed energy management.

AS Series – Zero Pressure Loss

The pressure shortage risk associated with similar meters is combatted through ultrasonic, which is used for the measurement principle. Without any obstacle inside the measurement tube, pressure loss becomes zero and durability increases.

Two ultrasonic sensors are placed within the tube to measure the time for a sound wave to travel between them. This time difference is converted into the flow rate, a technique called ‘propagation time difference’ which is excellent in reproducibility.

Furthermore, thanks to the benefits of zero pressure loss, the AS Series Ultrasonic Flowmeter is also ideal for use in systems with long pipe-runs, often found in new buildings, domestic installations, and commercial premises.


Aichi Tokei AS Series Ultrasonic Flowmeter


Cost Saving and Convenient Facility Management

Since the AS Series Ultrasonic Flowmeter covers a wider range from small to large flow rates, it contributes to cost saving and convenient facility management.

This meter runs with a built-in lithium battery and therefore, electric construction becomes unnecessary. The battery is built to sustain continued operation for years. Remote measurement capability only adds to the convenience that this meter harnesses for its users. RS485 output in addition to unit pulses allows for remote indication and energy management.

The AS Series’ non-moving parts contribute to the durability and greater maintainability of the meter, not to mention eliminating the possibility of having to repair parts in the future.

Finally, the easy-read indicator which can be rotated 90° will display the accumulated and momentary flow rates at the same time and with its lightweight and compact features, it enables easy installation and needs less space.

MWA is the sole UK distributor for Aichi Tokei Denki, with the AS Series Ultrasonic Flowmeter ready for speedy delivery. Call 0121 327 7771 or use our enquiry form.


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