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Common CPT-01 Quantometer – the secondary metering solution developed with the engineer and building manager in mind from MWA Technology

Common CPT-01 Quantometer – the secondary metering solution developed with the engineer and building manager in mind

February 20, 2020

Common CPT-01 Quantometer

The Common CPT-01 Quantometer is a secondary metering solution developed with the engineer and building manager in mind. Built to the same quality as fiscal turbine models and compatible with many external devices, these reliable meters have been designed in order to provide inexpensive but dependable measuring instruments for secondary flows.

Along with Common’s other meter ranges, MWA are the sole UK distributor of the CPT range. With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, Common meters are the perfect choice for managers overseeing building projects.


A very reliable build

Don’t be put off by the low price of the Common CPT – its build quality is higher than the standard meter for secondary readings, and maintenance is very easy. CPT has been developed from a previous fiscal turbine model, meaning it adheres to the same standards as fiscal quality meters.

With a pressure resistant meter body, the CPT is suitable for natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), -20°C to +60°C. The index housing and blades are both made from strong, long-lasting aluminium, protecting against accidental damages. Even if you are dealing with a low pressure drop, the CPT can be relied on to get the task done.



MWA are exclusive distributors

As Common’s sole UK distributor, MWA’s relationship with the Polish manufacturer is a vital one, as we can provide customers with top of the range, reliable gas measurement systems.

Established in 1987, Common have grown into a team of over 100 highly qualified, interdisciplinary professionals, equipped with scientific and engineering facilities for continuous innovation. They have been dedicated to meeting the highest meter quality standards since they started out all those years ago. This is an ethos that goes together with ours.


CPT Quantometer’s adaptability

The CPT comes ready to install in vertical or horizontal piping with screwed or flanged fitting, and it is versatile enough to accommodate your bespoke requirements. The index head can be rotated up to 350 degrees, allowing easy reading and ensuring an easier connection of pulse sensor plugs. Nominal rangeability is 1:20, with the meters read in cubic metres.

The Common CPT is also built with compatibility in mind and co-operates well with a wide range of external devices. Volume correctors, data loggers, data transmission systems and more can be used alongside the CPT to optimise your metering solution for your specific circumstances.

When choosing the CPT, you can select the specific model that fits your needs, which also includes an option for measuring Biogas.

MWA provides next day delivery in the UK when ordered before 4:30pm. Call 0121 327 7771 to learn more about how the CPT can suit your metering requirements, or use our enquiry form below.

You can also get in touch to ask us about specifying the right meter for any job.



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