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GMDM-I Multi Jet Water Meters – A reading you can rely on from MWA Technology

GMDM-I Multi Jet Water Meters – A reading you can rely on

October 23, 2018

The subject of this month’s product spotlight is the fantastic GMDM-I Multi-Jet Water Meter by B Meters. At MWA, we have found this water meter to be an incredibly reliable and versatile metering solution for low flow rate applications.

This multi-jet, super-dry dial meter has been built to last, a characteristic which many water meters sadly lack. The meter’s reading is not influenced by the quality of the water, so rest assured, the numbers are accurate. The GMDM-I even comes pre-equipped for inductive modules, making remote meter reading possible. With WRAS and MID approval, the meter can be installed anywhere in the UK and any EU member state.

The GMDM-I is suitable for screwed connections. For flanged connections, look forward to the upcoming spotlight focusing on the many advantages of the WDE-K50, another of B Meter’s reliable water metering solutions.

Read below to find out more about the GMDM-I, and watch our product spotlight video.



GMDM-I Multi-Jet Water Meters’ longevity

With the constant passage of water through the impeller of a water meter, longevity can be a major concern. Single-jet meters are known for having a short working life, which quickly nullifies their lower cost once a replacement is required.

With the GMDM-I Multi-Jet Water Meter, the impact of water on the impellor is distributed evenly – not only resulting in a longer lasting meter, but a more accurate one. This meter is specialised for maintaining a precise reading at low flow rates.

GMDM-I Multi-Jet Water Meters’ reliability

When choosing your water metering solution, you have to consider one very important thing – the water itself. A common problem affecting building managers and decision-makers onsite is that meters are affected by the quality of the water they measure, which can result in an unreliable reading. For example, if the water is contaminated, that can spread to the dial itself and interfere with the measuring equipment.

The reading mechanism of the GMDM-I is hermetically sealed to maintain a super-dry dial, meaning that you don’t have to worry about the water quality ever impacting your meter’s performance. Reliable meters means reliable billing and a longer working life for your meter, saving you money and stress.

The GMDMI-I has a wide temperature range in either of its variants; the cold water meter is suitable for 0°C – 50°C, and the hot water meter for 30°C – 90°C.


B Meters GMDM-I Water Meter


GMDM-I Multi-Jet Water Meters’ versatility

The GMDM-I operates with a magnetic transmission and comes pre-equipped for installation of data communication modules. These modules make remote meter reading easy and accessible, a must for landlords and building managers. Non-magnetic pulse outputs can be used for dosing monitoring (leak detection) or for backward counting monitoring – and the pulse value can be changed via NFC mobile, further expanding the meter’s capabilities and convenience of use.

For extra protection against any possible interference with your meter reading, you can request anti-magnetic fraud protection, giving you the peace of mind that your reading is safe from manipulation.

The meter can be installed vertically or horizontally, with R100-H↑ R50-VH→, or R160-H↑ R50-VH→ for the cold water version upon request. It has a 360° rotating lid, meaning you won’t need to worry about the position of the hinge regardless of where you choose to install it.

MWA is proud to supply the finest selection of B Meters for water applications and more, delivering anywhere in the UK within 24 hours when ordered before 4pm. Call 0121 327 7771 to learn more about how the GMDM-I can suit your metering requirements or use our enquiry form. Don’t forget to look out for our spotlight focusing on the WDE-K50, the reliable flanged water metering solution by B Meters.

B Meters WDE-K50 Horizontal Woltmann Water Meter


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