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Your Utility Meter just got smarter with NEUTRON from MWA Technology

Your Utility Meter just got smarter with NEUTRON

April 10, 2018

NEUTRON brings smart meter features to your standard utility meters—electricity, water, gas, heat and so on—sending online data reports straight to your PC or mobile device. Installation of your IonSign NEUTRON is simple and quick. It is versatile, dependable and supported by a cloud service.

Benefits to the user

A NEUTRON user can receive data from their connected meters in real time, in a single web interface. The IonSign NEUTRON concept is designed for remote monitoring of energy and utility consumption. No longer do users need to access the meters directly to get an accurate reading—instead, the readings come to them.

The ‘user-friendliness’ of the data reports allow users to make informed decisions on developing energy procurement, energy efficiency investments and energy usage behaviours. Whether you’re a land or property owner, energy consultant or onsite project manager, NEUTRON provides the essential information you need.

By default, data is logged hourly, half-hourly or quarterly and reports are generated on a daily basis. Optionally, readings can be sent periodically in anything as low as one-minute intervals.

Why is NEUTRON different?

  • Very low cost per measured location
    • Simple inexpensive metering will do
    • One unit serves up to 480 meters
  • Very easy to install and expand
    • May be configured in advance
    • Low installation qualifications
  • Data is never lost
    • The device collates data independently of server
    • Internal buffer for transfer network failures
  • Hand-over to client negotiable
    • Anything from simple data aggregation to advanced reporting

The NEUTRON family

NEUTRON4 is the general-purpose unit suitable for both domestic and industrial use. It can be used for remotely monitoring electricity, water, energy and gas readings. Learn more about the NEUTRON4 here

NEUTRON4-B is a battery-operated variant that is best used for gas and water metering in off-grid locations, or for installation simplicity. It can be placed anywhere and can run unattended for as long as 10 years. Learn more about the Neutron4-B here

NEUTRON12-3G can convert up to 12 conventional, pulsed energy and utility meters into smart meters and so is generally used submetering on a larger scale. Premises like office blocks, schools, hospitals, industrial manufacturing sites and residential buildings are best suited to this variant. Learn more about the NEUTRON12-3G here

The smart metering solution is now available to order from MWA Technology; call us on
0121 327 7771 to get yours.

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