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We’re just going to say it – We’re the biggest meter stockist in the UK from MWA Technology

We’re just going to say it – We’re the biggest meter stockist in the UK

October 16, 2017

With 25 years of trading behind us, partnerships with the most illustrious manufacturers in the business and most importantly, an unparalleled range of meters for all applications, MWA Technology are now confident in calling ourselves the biggest meter stockist in the UK.

But being the biggest isn’t always being the best. And though we’re proud of the title, at the end of the day it’s just a title. At MWA we’d much rather be judged on the things that matter to you, the customer. The reliability of our products, the quality of our services and the reputation of our brand. It’s in these areas that we really feel we’re at the top of the game, and a long way ahead of the competition.

Trusted when others aren’t

As the largest meter stockists in the United Kingdom, MWA can give a guarantee that nobody else can. We will always have the right meter for you. We’ve seen all too often when the wrong meter is supplied, either through the supplier’s lack of resources or lack of technical knowledge, and the complications are both expensive and potentially dangerous. MWA have an abundance of resources, and better yet, the technical knowledge to make sure you get the right meter first time.

To testify to this, we’ve been called in on several occasions to repair metering systems supplied by our competitors. Perhaps the most notable being a penthouse flat in Kensington, which after selling for £50m was Britain’s most expensive property. The client was happy with the swift identification of the issue and the prompt solution, proving we’re not all about a huge catalogue of meters, but have the technical ability to provide outstanding onsite service too.

Industry leading partnerships

We couldn’t do any of this alone. One thing that sets MWA apart is our close partnerships with the most respected meter manufacturers around, including an alliance with Itron, the biggest meter manufacturer in the world. Our standards are their standards. That means when we specify or supply any product in our catalogue you are assured of nothing but the highest quality. We now stock over £1million worth of meters across 42 brands.

A 5 star guarantee

To back up all of this self-indulgence it’s only fair we give you a deal worthy of our status. So that deal is this: we’re putting a 5 year warranty on any meter we specify. That means when you come to us for a recommendation, the meter we install will be absolutely fit for purpose and long-lasting. That’s a promise you can only get from MWA. More than ever you have the peace of mind that you get a product and service held to the highest of standards. MWA are your metering experts now, and for the future.

Click here to see the UK’s largest catalogue of meters, or call us for a recommendation and potential 5 year warranty on +44(0)121 327 7771.

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