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Landis + Gyr ULTRAHEAT® / ULTRACOLD® T230 – The ideal Ultrasonic upgrade for residential metering from MWA Technology

Landis + Gyr ULTRAHEAT® / ULTRACOLD® T230 – The ideal Ultrasonic upgrade for residential metering

August 21, 2019

As we continue to highlight some of the very best meters we have to offer, today we turn to a fantastic residential alternative to traditional mechanical thermal energy meters – the Landis + Gyr T230 ULTRAHEAT ®, also available as ULTRACOLD ® for cooling applications.

The T230 ULTRAHEAT ® has been developed and optimised to meet residential metering needs. In contrast to its mechanical competitors, it is friendly to the environment and to ongoing costs – while also boasting incredible functionality and utility.

With easy installation, precise readings, state-of-the-art technology and a design fit to last, the T230 is the ideal choice for an upgrade to outdated thermal and ageing energy meters.

Landis + Gyr T230 ULTRAHEAT ® / ULTRACOLD ® – The functional benefits

The T230 ULTRAHEAT ® immediately sets itself apart from the competition with its huge dynamic range of 1:1000; even the smallest flow rate can be precisely measured, eliminating the risk of inaccurate billing. The temperature range spans from 5°C to 90°C, covering all standard residential conditions.

The T230 ULTRAHEAT also offers functions that would not be possible with its mechanical or early ultrasonic predecessors. As a state-of-the-art ultrasonic meter, it can offer reliably precise measurement that is unaffected by dirty heating water and has no need for regular maintenance.

Another advantage the T230 holds is that it can be installed in any pipe position, even overhead, so you can choose the ideal location of convenience. The included smart calculator can be freely rotated – or even detached and mounted separately using an optional wall mount – making meter reading a completely effortless process.


Landis + Gyr T230 ULTRAHEAT ® / ULTRACOLD ® – The environmental benefits

In a world that is becoming increasingly conscious of the environment, metering is a crucial area of improvement for homes everywhere. For that reason, Landis + Gyr had a particular focus on environmentally friendly construction when developing the T230; using a new durable material in the volume measuring tube, they were able to significantly reduce the meter’s weight, save on transportation costs and reduce emissions.

The T230 ULTRAHEAT ® is also SMART meter ready, allowing you to remotely monitor and reduce your energy usage – saving money on your bills in the process.


Landis + Gyr T230 ULTRAHEAT ® / ULTRACOLD ®  – The economic benefits

When you choose the T230 ULTRAHEAT ®, you choose a meter that will last you well into the future, saving you money in the process. It has a significantly lower pressure loss than the average meter, reducing the costly potential issues that can occur in low-pressure pipes. The meter also has a lightweight yet robust body with no moving parts, meaning that it will not wear down and require maintenance like a mechanical meter would.

With 24 months’ worth of data storage capacity and a battery life capable of operating up to 11 years, the T230 Ultraheat is built for the long term. With certification to MID Class 2 and being backed by MWA’s standard 5 year warranty, you can rest assured of enjoying the benefits of the ULTRAHEAT® T230 for years to come.

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