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Madas ® – Intelligent design for gas meter applications from MWA Technology

Madas ® – Intelligent design for gas meter applications

June 4, 2019

Unless you’ve been living under a rock since 1974, Madas ® is the name in safety, filtration, and regulation devices for gas, oil, and heavy oil.MADAS

The industry renowned Italian manufacturer produce a range of valves, filters and regulators which are all certified to European and UK standards and are competitively priced.


MADAS Gas Solenoid Valves

Madas ® Gas Solenoid Valves

Madas ® Gas Solenoid Valves feature a robust design that automatically prevents the supply of gas in circumstances such as power cuts. Madas’ ® valves are an ideal solution for the measurement and safe control of gases; natural gas, propane, and butane.

With maximum pressures of 200 – 360 mbar, a range of standard sizes and the assurances of EC certification to EN 161, you can rely on the Madas ® range of solenoid valves to meet your requirements, and excel them.

MADAS Gas Solenoid Valves

Madas ® Gas Solenoid Valves – Intelligent Automatic Design

‘Normally Closed’ solenoid valves automatically open when the coil is powered and close when there is no tension. Madas’ ® valves can be easily installed with inline connections across both vertical and horizontal pipelines.

They can be controlled by pressure switches, CPI switches, thermostats and equipped with flow regulators ensuring you are in complete control.

Find our stocked range of Madas ® Gas Solenoid Valves here



MADAS Aluminium Inline Gas Filters

Madas ® Aluminium Inline Gas Filters

Madas ® FM Aluminium Inline Gas Filters prevent the passage of a particle of dust or debris brought by the gas, protecting the regulation and safety device. The meters benefit from 50-micron filtration of gases for control appliances and hold an EC certification according to EN 126.

MADAS Gas filters

Madas ® Aluminium Inline Gas Filters – High Quality Gas Filtration

The Madas ® FM Aluminium Inline Gas Filter protects devices such as regulators and boilers from rapid clogging and retains the dust particles in a large filtering component made of synthetic washable materials. The filters offer a huge advantage by being fully removable, allowing for complete inspection/cleaning of parts or total replacement.

The filter offers a max pressure of 2.0 bar, resistance to third gas families though a special O-Ring sealing. It will also permit upstream pressure measurements through an appropriate standard connection.

Find our range of stocked Madas ® Aluminium Inline Gas Filters here



MADAS Gas pressure regulators

Madas® Gas Pressure Regulators

This range features the Madas ® direct-operated gas pressure regulators with compensated obturator and complete with OPSO, UPSO and pressure relief.

Regulation precision is ensured due to the high quality compensated obturator, inlet filter and pressure test points. With inline connections and conforming to EU 2016/426, you can rely on the Madas® range of Gas Pressure Regulators to perform at the highest standards.

Madas gas pressure regulators

Madas ® Gas Pressure Regulators – Reliable Gas Pressure Regulation

The Madas ® Gas Pressure Regulators are fitted with springs, safety membranes and outlet pressure test points to ensure consistency and accuracy when adjusting the outlet pressure. Even in the case of high/sudden variations of inlet pressures. With the ability to withstand maximum operating pressures of 500 mbar, the regulators also feature pressure shut-off devices and relief valves, maintaining reliability every time.

Find our range of stocked Madas ® Gas Pressure Regulators here


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