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Make Metering Better with Itron Heat Meters from MWA Technology

Make Metering Better with Itron Heat Meters

November 8, 2023

As an innovator in metering, MWA leads the way with advanced heat meters for district heating applications. We stock an extensive range of ultrasonic and mechanical heat meters to precisely measure thermal energy usage. For reliable and accurate heat measurement, check out our offerings from Itron.

Itron Axonic – Ultrasonic Innovation

The Itron Axonic utilises state-of-the-art ultrasonic technology for outstanding metering performance. With high accuracy per EN 1434 Class 2 and an exceptional turndown ratio up to R400, the Axonic prevents billing losses even at low flows. The robust, concentric flow design is resistant to disturbances, delivering a highly consistent reading in all conditions.

Available in DN15 to DN300, the Axonic comes in standard and custom lengths to accommodate retrofits, especially on projects with mechanical water meters fitted on heating circuits. The innovative design enables easy installation by a single operator. The standard pulse output connects to any Itron calculator which also supplies power, and an optional second pulse output allows integration with building management systems.

The Axonic PN16 and PN25 versions are equipped with Itron’s innovative mobile flanges. As a result, the meter is lighter in weight, and due to the step-by-step mounting of flanges and meter, the installation of Axonic is simplified and requires only one field operator. In addition, this concept allows installation of the meter even if the counter flanges are not fully concentric to each other.

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Itron CF ECHO II – Feature-Packed Compact Meter

Where space is limited, the compact Itron CF ECHO II is the solution. Using ultrasonic measurement, these heat meters provide accurate tracking of usage from 0.6 to 15 m3/hr. The ECHO II is approved for heating, cooling, and combined applications, with outstanding accuracy thanks to electronic data processing; it is the perfect solution for ambient loop systems.

Designed for convenience, the ECHO II has an easy-read 7-digit LCD with intuitive navigation, many features and easy navigation with a single button. Onboard data logging and advanced functions like leakage alarms help optimise system performance.

To enable remote reading, the ECHO II is pre-equipped for add-on communication modules. Options include M-Bus, wireless MBus, LON, LORA and Modbus, with either mains power, 24v, 230v or 6/12-year Lithium battery; the CF ECHO II is designed for performance year after year.

Get the Best Heat Metering with MWA

To learn more about our Itron heat metering offerings, reach out to the MWA team today. Whether you need comprehensive analytics or just the basics, we have the right solution. Get in touch to discuss how upgraded heat metering can benefit your building or district energy network.

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