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Our meters can take the heat from MWA Technology

Our meters can take the heat

October 19, 2020

MWA is the number one choice for metering accuracy and reliability, and this is not just a tagline we use to grab your attention.

At MWA, we specialise in domestic and commercial energy flow meters and accessories. As the UK’s largest stockist of meters ideal for a variety of needs, our range includes ultrasonic and turbine energy meters, modules, sensors and ancillaries. Our knowledge ensures that each of the meters we supply will be fit for your applications specification, and this blog will focus on some of the heat meters we stock, and why they are perfect for any specification you desire.


Itron CF Echo II

We are proud to be official suppliers for Itron in the UK, and one of its best meters, the Itron CF Echo II ultrasonic flow meter, is a very impressive piece of kit. Lauded for its precision, its electronic data processing provides accurate measurements of high and low flows.

Available in sizes from 15mm to 150mm, the CF Echo II is a combined heating and cooling unit. If you are on site and you need to change between the two settings, the internal calculator will monitor the temperature of the pipe and change from one setting to the other, providing ease of installation.

On top of this, the meter can be installed in either horizontal or vertical orientation, making it easier to read however it is set up. The meter is also able to be set up in the flow or the return pipe, depending on what the user wants to measure.

Always keeping users alert, the CF Echo II also features a built-in alarm system for early fault detection, such as dirt on sensors or air in the pipe, preventing as much damage done to the meter as possible.


Kamstrup 403/603

From Kamstrup, the Multical 403 is an ultrasonic heat meter designed for long time accuracy.

Consisting of an internal calculator, flow sensor and two temperature sensors, the MID EN 1434 approved meter has a temperature range from 2 to 130oc.

The Kamstrup 603 can be used as a heat meter, cooling meter and combined heat/cooling meter. Like the 403, its long battery life of 16 years also ensures that it does not need to be changed regularly, saving customers money in the long run.

Both meters are compatible with Pulse, Mbus and WMbus transmission options, which records the consumption of multiple devices through a single system, saving customers money that would be spent on purchasing additional products. The 603 is also compatible with Bacnet, Modbus and 4-20 Ma communications.


Landis + Gyr Ultraheat T230


The Landis & Gyr Ultraheat T230 is an ultrasonic thermal energy meter, developed and optimised to meet residential metering needs. As well as a heat meter, the Ultraheat T230 can also be used as a cooling meter, or as a combined heating and cooling unit.

Despite its light weight, the meter is compact, robust, economically efficient, and extremely user-friendly. It can be mounted in any orientation for ease of use, making it easier to read no matter how it is set up.

Its temperature range runs from 5 to 90°c, and allows for up to 24 months of values to be stored. With up to 11 years of battery life, users will not have to worry about changing their meter for a long time.

The meter is also compatible with Pulse, Mbus and WMbus transmission options.


Sontex 440

The Sontex Superstatic 440 is an MID Class 2 static heat or cooling meter, able to cover a wide range of flows for all applications in district heating and cooling or building automation.

The highly accurate meter is optimised for the measurement and calculation of energy consumption in district heating systems, and is also extremely well suited to use purely as volumetric flow meters for various media. Even if the quality of the water is poor, the Sontex 440 continues to provide long-term, stable, accurate and reliable measurement.

This cost-effective meter has reasonable costs for installation and maintenance compared to other static flow sensors, with its corrosion resistant materials guaranteeing its protection from wearing away. This is also complimented by the fact that it has no moving parts, which also prevents damage to the meter, saving customers even more money on maintenance.

Sontex 449

The Superstatic 449 is a static compact heater that can be powered by either batteries or through mains. It is used in building automation or in district or local heating to record the consumption-dependent thermal or cooling energy for the billing of thermal energy consumption costs. It covers the range of lower flow rates and energy quantities.

Due to the use of a static flow sensor, and just like the Sontex 440, the heat meter is corrosion resistant and does not have any moving parts, preventing wear, while it is also not sensitive to dirt. High stability is guaranteed thanks to the fluid oscillation principle, providing a reliable and precise measurement of flow and thermal energy.

The heat and cooling meters Superstatic 449 are optimised for the measurement and calculation of energy consumption in district or local heating systems. They are also very well suited to use purely as volumetric flow meter for various media, and even glycol refrigeration systems.


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