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Itron CF UltraMaxx V – The reliable residential solution for ultrasonic metering from MWA Technology

Itron CF UltraMaxx V – The reliable residential solution for ultrasonic metering

July 17, 2019

As part of our continued commitment to spotlight the very best of the meters we have to offer, we are proud to showcase the Itron CF UltraMaxx V ultrasonic thermal energy meter – qp0,6, qp1,5 and 2,5.

Itron CF UltraMaxx V Thermal Meter

When it comes to residential applications, it can be hard to find a meter that you can dependably utilise in homes of all shapes, sizes and conditions. That’s what makes the CF UltraMaxx V such a standout ultrasonic meter – as the proud official supplier of Itron in the UK, we recommend this meter as a reliable residential solution, complying with both OFGEM & RHI requirements.



The CF UltraMaxx V has such an extensive dynamic range that it covers all usual flow rate conditions in residential metering. But that’s not all – the meter combines advanced memory features with a flexible, easy-to-read display that can be read from any installation position, meaning varying pipe layouts are much less of an obstacle.

Itron CF UltraMaxx V Thermal Meter

Itron CF UltraMaxx V – Extended dynamic range Class EN1434 Class 2

The UltraMaxx V is the result of continued improvements over the generations of CF meters. This has resulted in a compact ultrasonic meter that is well suited to all typical residential metering conditions – both qp1,5 and 2,5 versions of the CF UltraMaxx V are approved for a dynamic range of 1/250 (qi/qp).

With this extended dynamic range, you have a dependable option that will save on the expense and headache of installing two separate meters. The UltraMaxx V is a high-quality, dependable meter that is ideal for the measurement of all relevant billing data in heating and cooling systems.

Itron CF UltraMaxx V

Itron CF UltraMaxx V – Suitable for any pipe position

No matter the pipe layout in the home, the CF UltraMaxx V is designed to be installed and read with no issues. Not only does it have a compact design, but it functions in horizonal and vertical positions – even top-down.

With flexible calculator fixings, the index head can be rotated and faced in whatever direction you need to make meter reading easy.

The calculator uses a multifunctional LCD display which is designed to balance accessibility with the capability of providing complex data. From regular billing purposes to more advanced diagnostics, a glance is all you need.

The meter also boasts advanced memory features for field data analysis, further demonstrating its usefulness to every kind of user. The Itron CF UltraMaxx V is the best residential ultrasonic metering option for anyone from residents to landlords and engineers.

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MWA are proud suppliers of a wide variety of metering solutions, delivering in the UK within 24 hours when ordered before 4pm and offering a 5 year warranty on any meter we specify. Call 0121 327 7771 to learn more about how the Itron CF UltraMaxx V can suit your metering requirements or use our enquiry form below. You can also get in touch to ask us about specifying the right meter for any job.

Itron CF UltraMaxx V

Itron CF UltraMaxx V

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