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B Meters Modbus Converter MB-CR-64

B Meters Modbus Converter MB-CR-64 available at MWA Technology
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B Meters

B Meters Modbus Converter MB-CR-64

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MB-CR-64 is microcontroller-based bidirectional M-bus Master to Modbus RS-485 RTU and/or Modbus TCP converter. It can supply power to the maximum of 64 m-bus slave devices. MB-CR-64 is used as a bridge in the building and industrial networks where it is needed to read m-bus devices (tax meters and/or sensors) in Modbus based SCADA systems. It has output short circuit protection on m-bus side. It is mounted on standard M36 DIN rail.

General Technical Data

  • max. number of m-bus slave devices – 64
  • max. output current – 110 ± 5 mA
  • output current protection level – 130 ± 5 mA
  • nominal output voltage (mark) – 35.5 VDC ± 1 V
  • zero output voltage `0` (space) – 22-25 VDC
  • power supply voltage  – 165-235 VAC (210-270 VDC)
  • max. power consumption  < 9 W (@64 m-bus slaves connected)
  • ambient temperature, operating – -20÷+ 50°C
  • ambient temperature, storage – -50÷+ 90°C
  • air humidity – 40÷90%
  • dimensions (H/W/D) – 105/107/74 mm
  • IP Protection class – IP20
  • max. transmissible signal (m-bus) baud rate –4800 bps
  • RS-485 RTU Modbus interface baud rate – 300, 1.2k, 2.4k, 4.8k, 9.6k, 19.2k, 38.4k bps
  • TCP Modbus DHCP – yes, can be turned on or off
  • m-bus cable length, max. – 600m
  • distance between MMCR and farthest m-bus slave – 300m
  • display – 6 LEDs (on, protection, over, collision, out, RX)
  • weight – 520g

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