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Electro Controls EGS gas detector

Electro Controls EGS gas detector available at MWA Technology
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Electro Controls

Electro Controls EGS gas detector

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This range of gas detectors can be used to detect leaks and provide an alarm in general commercial and industrial applications.
Can be used stand alone, with a BMS system or with a monitor panel.

MWA Code Gas Range Relay set point
EGS-NG Nat Gas ( methane) 0 to 5,000ppm 2500ppm
EGS-LPG LP Gas 0 to 2,000ppm 1000ppm
EGS-CO Carbon monoxide 0 to 100ppm 30ppm
EGS-R134 Refrig R134 0 to 1000ppm 500ppm
EGS-H Hydrogen 0 to 2,000ppm 1000ppm
EGS-CO2/IR Carbon dioxide 0 to 10,000ppm 5000ppm
ECS-OZ Ozone 0-1ppm 0.2ppm
EGS-O Oxygen 0 to 25% 19%
EGS-H2S Hydrogen sulphide 0 to 30ppm 5ppm
EGS-SD Sulphur dioxide 0 to 10ppm 2ppm
EGS-ND Nitrogen dioxide 0 to 10ppm 3ppm
EGS-CL Chlorine 0 to 10ppm 0.5ppm

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