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B METERS RFM-RPT3 Wireless MBus Signal Repeater

B METERS RFM-RPT3 Wireless MBus Signal Repeater available at MWA Technology
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B Meters

B METERS RFM-RPT3 Wireless MBus Signal Repeater

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The signal repeater Wireless M-Bus-RFM RPT3, is a device that allows to repeat, extending its coverage, the radio signal transmitted by the radio modules installed on water meters, heat meters and heat cost allocators, in accordance with the Wireless MBus standard.

The device can be set with a daily activities window, inside which it performs the repetition of Wireless MBus telegrams in accordance with the requirements of the EN 13757 standard. It then repeats the signals sent by the measuring devices excluding those already repeated and sent from other repeating devices (simple repeater with single-hop logic).

The same device can be set notwithstanding the standard, to enable the realisation of up to 3 levels repeating chains.

Technical Features

Transmission frequency W-Mbus EN13757-4 @868 MHz (25 mW)
Antenna Integrated, prepared for external antennas connection.
Signal coverage 500 meters**
Power Supply Lithium battery 3.6V, 2x D size and prepared for mains supply with dedicated DC 3.6 V 50 mA adapter
Battery life 5 years*
Size (HxLxP) and weight 160 x 90 x 60 mm 420 g
Configuration Wireless using RFM-RX2 and dedicated software
Fixing mode wall mounting
Working Temperature da -10°C a +55°C
Protection class IP65

* Battery life depends on the number of associated devices and the environmental conditions
** Under ideal signal propagation conditions

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