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Turbine Heat Meters from MWA Technology

Turbine Heat Meters

A turbine measures the speed of flow inside the meter, this is sent to either a mechanical or electronic counter.

Apator Elf Heat Meter

Apator Elf Heat Meter available at MWA Technology
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Apator Elf Heat Meter

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ELF heat meter is designed for measurements of thermal energy consumption collected from heat networks out of small buildings, as flats or detached houses, etc. It can work in remote systems of building automation readings.

A precise, reliable, high class heat meter with archive of many measurement data, characterizes by modern design.


  • flow rates 0,6; 1,0; 1,5; 2,3 m³/h available
  • flow transducer in second accuracy class according to standards PN-EN-1434
  • electronic detection of rotor rotation – total resistance to strong magnetic fields
  • wide communication possibilities, inter alia M-Bus, radio, impulse output, possibility of connecting 4 additional devices (4 additional impulse inputs)
  • plentiful archive of measurement data configured by the user
  • archive of failure situations

Heat meter functions

  • display of current data: heat consumption, water volume, temperatures of power and return, power, instantaneous flow, impulse inputs states (additional volumes of water meters), error codes, real-time
  • display of average data – averaging period set by the user with possibility of set-up every 15, 30, 45 and 60 minutes
  • data archive in 4 time cycles. In every cycle after the given time, the current data are transferred to the archive (from RAM of the processor to the non-volatile FLASH). Cycles 1 and 2 have a registration period set by the user counted in minutes starting from 1 to 1440 (24h). Cycles 3 and 4 are structurally defined as monthly and annual. Data from cycle registration 1 and 2 can be read only electronically, monthly and annual data can be read on the display
  • archive of failure situations – the appearance and disappearance of the failure situation (electronic reading)
  • display of configuration data (service), which can be set up in the non-metrological part by the user
  • self-diagnosis – detection and signaling of failure situations of the measurement system, e.g. failure of impulse from the water meter, damage of the temperature sensor, too high flow, battery voltage drop

Compatibility with standards and regulations

  • directive 2004/22/WE of The European Parliament and The Council of Europe dated on 2004, March 31 regarding measuring instruments, in particular MI-004 Heat Meters
  • PN-EN-1434 – Heat Meters, Part 1 – 6
  • PN-EN 61000 – electromagnetic compatibility, part 2-4
  • Designed in compliance with required standards of quality, of environmental protection and security.
MWA CODE Type Connections Nom flow m3/hr Max flow m3/hr Display
JS90-0.6-NI Heating 15mm 0.6 1.2 kWh
JS90-1-NI Heating 15mm 1 2 kWh
JS90-1.5-NI Heating 15mm 1.5 3 kWh
JS90-1.5-G1-NI Heating 20mm 1.5 3 kWh
JS90-2.5-NI Heating 20mm 2.5 5 kWh

B Meter Hydrocal-M3 Compact heat meter

M3-0.6 - M3-2.5
B Meter Hydrocal-M3 Compact heat meter available at MWA Technology
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B Meters

B Meter Hydrocal-M3 Compact heat meter

M3-0.6 - M3-2.5
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Key Features

  • For commercial and industrial use
  • For heating or cooling
  • Suitable for hot water 16 bar and 90C max
  • EN1434 MID approved
  • Battery operated
  • Mbus and Pulse output fitted as standard
  • Option – wireless Mbus
MWA CODE Type Connections Nom flow m3/hr Max flow m3/hr Display
HYDROCAL -M3-0.6 Heating/cooling 15mm 0.6 1.2 kWh
HYDROCAL -M3-1.5 Heating/cooling 15mm 1.5 3 kWh
HYDROCAL -M3-2.5 Heating/cooling 20mm 2.5 5 kWh

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