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Krohne Optiswirl 4200C Vortex Flowmeter

Krohne Optiswirl 4200C Vortex Flowmeter available at MWA Technology
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Krohne Optiswirl 4200C Vortex Flowmeter

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The OPTISWIRL Vortex flowmeter 4200C is equipped with a temperature compensation
for saturated steam applications. With the optional pressure sensor the OPTISWIRL 4200C has an
integrated density compensation available, which even allows an exact measurement of gases
and superheated steam with varying process conditions. The additional integrated gross and net
heat measurement makes the OPTISWIRL 4200C to be a reliable partner for advanced energy
management systems.

  • Integrated pressure and temperature compensation
  • Development acc. to IEC 61508 edition 2, for SIL2
  • Gross and net heat measurement for hot water and steam
  • Comprehensive communication options
  • Remote version with field housing converter with connection cable up to 50 m / 164 ft
Type Size Connection Flow Range at 7 bar
4200C/15 15mm Flanged PN16 10.06 -135.69 kg/hr
4200C/25 25mm Flanged PN16 22.66 – 474.82 kg/hr
4200C/40 40mm Flanged PN16 56.8 – 1361.2 kg /hr
4200C/50 50mm Flanged PN16 98.33 – 2356.6 kg/hr
4200C/80 80mm Flanged PN16 215.39 – 5161.80 kg/hr
4200C/100 100mm Flanged PN16 370.09 –  8869.20 kg/hr
4200C/150 150mm Flanged PN16 834.44 – 20093 kg/hr
4200C/200 200mm Flanged PN16 1574.9 – 37743 kg/hr
4200C/250 250mm Flanged PN16 2517.7 – 60337 kg/hr
4200C/300 300mm Flanged PN16 3656.6 – 87630 kg/hr

Siemens Sitrans FX330 Vortex steam flowmeters

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New delivery schedule:

Deliveries are now being made on

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Siemens Sitrans FX330 Vortex steam flowmeters

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Sitrans FX330  vortex flowmeters are designed for industrial applications for measuring saturated steam and superheated steam.

Suitable for steam boiler monitoring and heat metering of steam

Integrated pressure and temperature compensation, temperature compensation included as standard.

Stainless steel construction

Gross and net heat calculation ,Accuracy +-/1.5%

Integral and Remote transmitter option , rated IP66/IP67, power supply 12 to 36 v DC.

Mode of operation: Volume flow , Mass flow ,Corrected volume flow ,Density , Temperature , Pressure , Heat Energy  .

Display : 4 line graphical display , backlit with control keys , Outputs 4-20 Ma ,Pulse ,HART

Operating conditions: Temperature range -40 + 240C ,Ambient -40 +240C ,Max Pressure 30 bar

Process connections ; DN15 to DN300 ,PN16 to PN40 ,Option ANSI 150 , ANSI 300

Approvals : PED 2014/68/EU,EMC 2014/30/EU ,SIL to IEC 61508


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