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Water Meters from MWA Technology

As specialist water meter suppliers, of domestic and commercial water meters, you can trust MWA to take care of all your water metering needs.

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B Meters

Take a look at our B Meters range today by clicking here, or get in touch with our expert sales team on +44(0)121 327 7771 for a personalised recommendation.

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B Meters

Hot water meter range

Single jet , Multi jet and Woltmann hot water meters used for monitoring hot water flow in UK and Europe to MID requirements.
B Meters and Itron meters for up to 90C maximum temperatures.
GWF and Honeywell meters for up to 130C maximum temperatures
New from B Meters Mbus ,Wireless Mbus and LoRaWAN communication.

Cold water meter range

Cold water meters for Residential ,Commercial and Industrial use .
Suitable for Drinking water with WRAS approval and accurate to MID requirements.
Honeywell Elster , Itron , Arad and Diehl meters used for billing by Water utilities in the UK and worldwide.
B Meters meters used for monitoring throughout UK and Europe.
New from Itron and B Meters Mbus ,Wireless Mbus and LoRaWAN communication.


Cold water Woltmann

Woltmann cold water meters used for Commercial and Industrial use and bulk transfer by Water utilities in the UK and used worldwide.
WRAS approved for drinking water and MID approved for accuracy.
Arad ,Honeywell Elster and Itron cold water meters used for bulk transfer by Water utilities in the UK and used worldwide.
B Meters cold water meters used bulk transfer used for monitoring throughout Europe.
New Itron and B Meters Mbus ,Wireless Mbus and LoRaWAN communication.

Water Saving

Watersavers leak detectors are used in conjunction with accurate cold water meters to comply BREEAM regulations.
Designed to detect major leaks and help prevent flood damage caused by leaking pipes and fittings or by vandalism.
MWA provide technical back up and commissioning

Turbine Flow Meters

The Nixon range of turbine flowmeters offers high accuracy and high reliability.
Stainless steel construction with screwed or flanged connections.
Supplied with flow rate totaliser with a wide range of communications.

Electro magnetic meters

The Siemens Electromagnetic induction flow meters measure volume flow rates of electrically conductive liquids in closed piping systems.
Suitable of clean cold water and liquids containing contaminants.
The signal-processing electronic unit includes a two-line alphanumeric display to show the measured values where various operational parameters of the meter can be selected by means of an associated keyboard.
WRAS and MCERT approved meters

Ultrasonic Water Meters

Ultrasonic water meters are intended for technological measurements of instantaneous flow rate and consumption in water-supply networks, and archiving of the measured data.
Arad ,Diehl and Itron meters have WRAS approvals and MID accuracy.
The Arad Octave range has composite and stainless body options with pulse ,4-20Ma
Mbus and Modbus outputs

Irrigation Meters

Tangential water meter for irrigation purposes. Dry dial, magnetic transmission. Negligible head loss. Suitable for measuring dirty water.

Water Meter Ancillaries

A combined valve assembly to control and meter water supply to multi-dwelling accommodation such as apartments and office blocks. WRAS approved. By combining the PRV and DCV components the Water Meter Assembly (WMA) is much more compact than existing products and by reducing the number of connections dramatically limits the potential leak points on the module. In addition the WMA can be more easily installed either horizontally or vertically.

Honeywell Elster boundary boxes for manifold water meters
Digital battery operated remote totalisers.
Y Pattern WRAS pipeline strainers


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