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Irrigation Meters

Tangential water meter for irrigation purposes. Dry dial, magnetic transmission. Negligible head loss. Suitable for measuring dirty water.

B METERS TAN-X5 Irrigation Meter

TAN-X5 50/200
B METERS TAN-X5 Irrigation Meter available at MWA Technology
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B Meters

B METERS TAN-X5 Irrigation Meter

TAN-X5 50/200
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B METERS’ TAN-X5 is a tangential water meter, specifically developed for irrigation purposes.

The dry dial and magnetic transmission make it suitable for the measurement of dirty water (solid sediments).

Pre-equipped for pulse emitter device mounting.

ISO 4064 approved.


  • Class A-HV ISO4064
  • Available for cold water 0°C-50°C only
  • Magnetic transmission
  • Direct reading on 7 numeric rolls
  • Prearrangement for pulse emitter device mounting
MWA Code Size Bar Pressure Min Flow m3/h Max Flow m3/h
MW50 – IR 50mm  16  2.8 70
MW65 – IR 65mm  16  4  100
MW80 – IR 80mm  16  6  150
MW100 – IR 100mm  16  10  250
MW125 – IR 125mm 16  14  350
MW150 – IR 150mm 16  20  500
MW200 – IR 200mm 16  36  900



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