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Turbine Flow Meters from MWA Technology

Turbine Flow Meters

The Nixon range of turbine flowmeters offers high accuracy and high reliability. Over 30 years, thousands of units have been sold to all classes of industry, and the meters have an excellent reputation for durability.

F Series Totaliser

F Series Totaliser available at MWA Technology

F Series Totaliser


The F series range of secondary instruments has been developed with primary functionality and low cost in mind. The range comes with an ABS case to IP65 and can be head, field or panel mounted. It features the same user interface as the 100 series described on page 13 with a large LCD display showing clear text and measuring unit.

In order to keep the F series competitive the base price includes a panel mounted case and is suitable for DC low voltage power supply.  Lithium batteries, case backs for wall mounting and other extras are priced separately.

  • Flowrate indicator
  • Totaliser
  • Pulse output
  • Batch controller, single stage

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NT Industrial Flow Meters

NT3 - NT150
NT Industrial Flow Meters available at MWA Technology

NT Industrial Flow Meters

NT3 - NT150

Standard end connections are screwed BSP parallel thread with included 30 degree internal cones to BS5200, but Ermeto threads are also available. Flanged meters are normally to ANSI 150 or BS4504 (DIN) standards, but older type flanges to BS10 tables D-H may also be fitted. A unique feature of the design is the use of helically milled rotors cut from solid in sizes up to 65mm.

Bearing bushes are of PTFE/Carbon HY49 or similar, or tungsten carbide depending upon the nature of the metered fluid. In all cases, the spindle is of tungsten carbide with Cobalt binder, and thrust balls of tungsten carbide. Stainless steel ball races are used in the smaller sizes. The electrical signal is a sinusoidal pulse of minimum height 50mV peak at lowest flow rate, rising to 800mV peak at max flow rate. For normal transmission distances pre-amplifiers are not essential since pulse shaping and conditioning are carried out in the appropriate electronic readout unit.

In cases where heavy electrical noise is present or where transmission distances are over 500 metres, pre-amplifiers of standard or intrinsically safe design are available as head mounted weatherproof units and loop powered.

  • Temperature range -30°C to 150°C (400°C special design)
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Upto 500m transmission without pre-amplifiers
MWACode Description Fitting Minlts/min Maxlts/min
NT3 Nixon turbine flow meter 3/8” Screwed 0.5 5
NT5 Nixon turbine flow meter ½” Screwed 1.2 10
NT7 Nixon turbine flow meter ½” Screwed 2 20
NT11 Nixon turbine flow meter ½” Screwed 5 50
NT13 Nixon turbine flow meter ¾” Screwed 8 80
NT19 Nixon turbine flow meter 1” Screwed 15 150
NT24 Nixon turbine flow meter 1” Screwed 25 250
NT32 Nixon turbine flow meter 1¼” Screwed 45 450
NT38 Nixon turbine flow meter 1½” Screwed 65 650
NT48 Nixon turbine flow meter 2” Screwed 110 1100
NT65 Nixon turbine flow meter 3” Screwed 200 2000
NT80 Nixon turbine flow meter 3” Flanged 300 3000
NT100 Nixon turbine flow meter 4” Flanged 500 5000
NT150 Nixon turbine flow meter 6” Flanged 1000 10000

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