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Why do we stock so many meters? from MWA Technology

Why do we stock so many meters?

February 23, 2018

How MWA turn a big problem into a no-brainer

If it’s your job to sort out the metering for a building, there are plenty of arduous questions you’ll have to ask before getting just the right meters.

It’s tempting to cut corners, and many admittedly do, by compromising quality and choosing the cheapest possible option. After all, you’ve got a tight budget and tighter deadlines. But this way of thinking is completely counter-productive. Our Managing Director here at MWA, Martin Wardell, has written extensively about why we never recommend choosing an unsuitable meter. Even if it’s significantly cheaper.

Simply, the difference between the right meter and the wrong one could separate a meter that lasts one year from another that lasts twenty years.

But how can you be sure that you’re making the best possible choice? How do you prevent a seriously costly error? It all comes down to choosing the right stockist.


More choice, greater success

When you go to a metering stockist, they will try and sell you their meters. Even if their stock is limited and they don’t have the best option for you. There is an absurd number of meter types for all sorts of applications, but for your building only one of these many options might be the right choice. Any other could result in incorrect readings, dangerous leaks, or meters that quickly need replacing.

So, the answer to all of this is straightforward. The stockist with the greatest range of meters gives you the best chance of finding the perfect one for the job. MWA are the biggest meter stockists in the UK. So when you come to us, you are guaranteed that the right meter is within our walls.


Expert meter advisors

You may be thinking: having more choice may also mean you’re likely to choose the wrong meter. Fortunately, MWA aren’t just great stockists, but we’re expert meter advisors. We live and breathe meters, and we’re in a better position than anyone else to recommend the right meter for the job. If you need advice on getting the right one, we’re just a phone call away. Or you can check out our introductory blog on choosing your metering system.

As the UK’s premier meter experts, we will continue to not only supply the highest quality meters but advise customers on getting the best deal at the best long-term price. Bear in mind that, unlike other suppliers, we put a 5-year warranty on any meter we specify. So you are assured of a secure investment.

To see the largest meter range in the UK, request our metering bible here or browse our complete brand range online. Order before 4:30pm for next day delivery anywhere in the UK.

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