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The Itron Top 4 Countdown – Gallus Gas Meter from MWA Technology

The Itron Top 4 Countdown – Gallus Gas Meter

May 16, 2018

Last month, we began our countdown of the very best meters that our partners at Itron, the largest meter manufacturers in the world, have to offer. Each accompanied with their own video, we’re showing off the best of the best, all stocked by MWA. This time, in the second video, we’re looking at the Itron Gallus gas meter.

Itron Gallus Gas Meter

Manufactured in Germany and replacing the former U6 gas meter, the Itron Gallus is one of the most trusted residential metering devices in the world. Over 30 million Gallus units have been installed worldwide, which is a testament to its reliability and accuracy. The Gallus comes highly recommended for domestic and small commercial applications.
The Gallus is compatible with our Cyble™ technology for efficient remote meter reading, which you can get factory-equipped. With Cyble™, you can be provided with accurate data whenever and wherever you need it.


Itron Gallus G4

Features & Benefits:

  • Manage usage and resources with timely, accurate data
  • Compact design fits a variety of installation environments
  • Reliable and maintenance-free meter design
  • Standards compliant across multiple ranges
  • Pulse output module available as an option

Click here to view more information on the Gallus


One of the first promises we make to our customers is this: we have the right meter for you. That confidence comes from our persistence in catering to every customer, and more importantly, the size of our meter range – the largest in the UK. Our close partnerships with metering manufacturers ensures the continual growth and high quality of our catalogue. One of those relationships in particular consolidates our promise to provide an unrivalled metering experience: our official partnership with Itron, the biggest meter manufacturer in the world.


Itron share our passion for innovation, and a drive to create a better experience for our customers. They think big, and their vision of a more efficient, sustainable world is reflected in their meters for water, electricity, gas and heat. Their standards are sky-high, and when we supply you with an Itron meter you are guaranteed quality and reliability.


Whether we supply an Itron meter, or any other from our extensive range, you are investing in a product that lasts. Our technical expertise means we’ll always recommend the right meter for the job. To give you peace of mind, we put a 5 year warranty on any meter recommended by us.


  • See our full range of Itron meters here. Supplied by MWA Technology, official partners of Itron.
  • Be sure to check back next month for our next video and Itron Meter spotlight.
  • Stay up to date with regular news and blogs by following us on Twitter. You can connect directly to our Sales Manager, Matt Rose who kindly featured in this video by clicking here.

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