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WDE-K50 Woltmann Water Meters – Industrial-grade durability from MWA Technology

WDE-K50 Woltmann Water Meters – Industrial-grade durability

October 30, 2018

We are proud to showcase another of B Meters’ unparalleled water metering solutions, the flange fitted WDE-K50 Woltmann Water Meter. This product spotlight follows the video and blog produced for its screw fitted equivalent, the GMDM-I. Find it here.

Though both meters share many advantages, there is more to differentiate the two than their method of fitting. The WDE-K50 has been designed to be suitable for industrial and irrigation applications, with an especially durable body and custom parts available to optimise for outdoor use.

Read below to find out more about the WDE-K50 and watch our product spotlight video.

WDE-K50 Woltmann Water Meters’ durability

The WDE-K50 is built to last; made from cast iron, the body is covered with an epoxy coating to protect against corrosion. This makes the meter well-suited for intensive applications that will likely wear out a more delicate meter quickly.

As a Woltmann meter, the measuring element will not obstruct the path of flow. This, combined with 16Bar max pressure, makes the WDE-K50 optimal for industrial sites, even ones dealing with corrosive materials. Site managers, who are often looking for robust meters that need to last in harsher environments, can reduce maintenance costs and downtime with the WDE-K50. The meter’s build quality, paired with its customisability, ensures that.

WDE-K50 Woltmann Water Meters’ customisability

Should you require it, the WDE-K50 is available with anti-magnetic fraud protection to prevent any risk of outside interference with your meter reading. You can also have an anti-condensation dial installed to make the meter more suitable for outdoor environments where the temperature is likely to fluctuate. This means site managers can enjoy the advantages of dry dial technology no matter where the meter is situated.

The WDE-K50, like the GMDM-I, operates with a magnetic transmission and comes pre-equipped for installation of wireless OMS, M-Bus and non-magnetic pulse output communication modules. Both meters are available with B Meters’ own meter reading system, which unlocks the possibilities of remote reading while sparing you the periodic costs; all is available up-front with a one-off software license fee.


B Meters WDE-K50 Range Water Meter


WDE-K50 Woltmann Water Meters’ flexibility

This recently released iteration in the WDE series improves on the temperature range of its predecessor – the WDE-K40 cold water meter had a range of 0°C – 30°C, which has now been expanded to 0°C – 50°C. There is also a hot water version available, with a range of 30°C – 90°C. These ranges make the meter suitable for an even wider array of applications.

The WDE-K50 has a removable insert and is suitable for both horizontal and vertical installation. It comes MID R100-HV 2004/22/CE approved as well, which enables installation in any part of the UK. With the flexibility of WDE-K50, you have the freedom to make use of its strengths in a wide variety of situations, without worrying about its capability.


MWA is proud to supply meters for B Meters, delivering them anywhere in the UK within 24 hours when ordered before 4 pm. Call 0121 327 7771 to learn more about how the WDE-K50 can suit your metering requirements or use our enquiry form. In case you missed it, make sure to look at our previous article spotlighting the GMDM-I for screwed installation.


B Meters GMDM-I Multi-Jet Water Meter


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