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Landon Kingsway Dry riser breeching valves & landing valves

Landon Kingsway Dry riser breeching valves & landing valves available at MWA Technology
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Landon Kingsway

Landon Kingsway Dry riser breeching valves & landing valves

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  • 100mm (4”) dry rising main uses a 2- way inlet breeching in a vertical or horizontal position.
  • 150mm (6”) dry rising main uses a 4-Way inlet breeching.
  • Dry riser equipment complies with the requirements of BS 5041 Part 3.
  • The Breechings are normally housed in dry riser inlet cabinets, normally recessed into the external wall of the building and the outlet valves are housed in dry riser outlet cabinets on every floor of the building.
  • Dry riser landing valves are available with bsp or PN16 connections

An inlet breeching at ground level provides the connection to the water supply of the dry riser system. The dry riser system is normally dry and is charged by the fire brigade in an emergency. Breeching inlets to the dry riser have either 2 or 4 inlet connections complete with 2.5” male instantaneous inlets to BS336 fitted with non-return valves and with a 1″ drain valve.

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