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Landon Kingsway Free Fall Fire Valves

Landon Kingsway Free Fall Fire Valves available at MWA Technology
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Landon Kingsway

Landon Kingsway Free Fall Fire Valves

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Screw Type Fire Valve Sets

The Landon Kingsway range of free fall fire valves provide a compact, leak-proof positive action mechanism that can be installed in either horizontal or vertical pipe runs on oil or any non-aggressive media.

The free-fall linkage allows the weight to start to fall before it is required to move the valve lever. This makes sure that the weight achieves sufficient momentum.

Technical Specification

  • Material Cast Iron, painted red.
  • Maximum Pressure 14 Bar (200psi)
  • Standard Cable 9m
  • Fusible Link 71°C as standard
  • Maintenance Reqd. test & lubricate 3 times/year
  • Valve Rotation 90° (¼ turn)
  • Lubricant cartridge for 1/2 inch to 150mm valves
  • 65mm to 150mm Flange Spec BS4504, PN16
  • 1/2 inch to 2 inch Screwed Spec BSP parallel
  • Weights Available 2.25, 4.5, 6.8kg (5, 10, 15lb)

Free Fall Fire Valve Accessories

Special Linkages for Low Level Installation

Available for Valve Sizes: 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 80mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm

Stainless Steel Cable

Replacement Cable.
Available in lengths: 9m, 30m, 150m, 300m, 760m

Steel Cable
Wall Anchors and Pulley’s

Replacement Wall Anchors and Pulley’s.
Available in: Pulley with wood thread, Pulley with wood thread 1-1/2″ Dia. to B.S. Spec,
Pulley with 1/4″ BSP thread, Pulley with 1/4″ BSP thread 1-1/2″ Dia. to B.S. Spec,
Wall Anchor with wood thread, Wall Anchor with 1/4″ BSP thread

Pulley with Wood Screw
Fusible Links

Replacement Fusible Links.
Available in:
71c, 92c, 104c, 127c, 143c, 180c

Thermal Link

Free Fall Fire Valve Lubricating Compound

Valve requires lubrication 3 times a year. Available in: No. 44 Oil ,
No. 90 Oil

Free Fall Lubricant
Fire Valve Parts (Bag contains assorted fittings)

Replacement Kit containing our most popular components.
Small Bag of Fittings for: 15mm to 32mm Valves,
Large Bag of Fittings for: 40mm to 80mm Valves,
Extra Large Bag of Fittings for: 100mm to 150mm Valves

Bag of Fittings
Warning Signs
Warning Sign
Manual Quick Release Mechanisms

The Manual Quick Release Mechanism is designed for use with our free-fall fire valves.
The steel cable from the valve is looped around the pulley and is released if the
button is pressed allowing the valve arm to fall.

Material Red painted cast aluminium body, plastic button, brass pulley.

Dimensions: 135 x 76 x 82.5mm
Fixing Centres: 60mm PCD, Ø7mm
Force to release: 40N approx.
Weight: 0.3kg

Electromek MK11

The Electromek is a manual quick release mechanism that also contains a pair of
change-over contacts that operate either when the button is pushed or when the
cable goes slack for any other reason (such as a thermal link melting). The electrical contacts may
be used to sound an alarm, de-activate equipment or send a signal to a fire control panel.

Enclosure Diecast Aluminium Alloy
Dimensions: 131 x 172 x 102mm overall
Fixing Centres: 4 holes, Ø4mm
Protection Rating: IP52
Switch Rating: 250V AC, 5A
Wire Size: 2.5mm² max
Conduit Connection: 2x 20mm E.T.
Pressure to release: 40N approx.
Min plunger loading: 23N minimum
Weight: 1.4kg


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