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Dresser B3 Rotary Displacement Gas Meter

Dresser B3 Rotary Displacement Gas Meter available at MWA Technology
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Dresser B3 Rotary Displacement Gas Meter

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The Dresser Meter is designed to measure the volume of gases and gas mixtures with a high degree of accuracy. The industry accepted rotary positive displacement operating principle ensures permanent, non-adjustable accuracy by using precision machined two-lobe impellers encased within a rigid measuring chamber.

Dresser Meters are recognized for highly accurate measurement from Qmin to Qmax. The meter’s rangeability, the ability to measure gas over a wide flow range within a specified accuracy, provides the best over-all measurement accuracy on a “day-after-day” basis, not just laboratory testing. Our meters are designed to provide accurate gas measurement over widely fluctuating flow, pressure, and temperature conditions.

Unlike other meter types, measurement accuracy is not affected by changes in specific gravity, pressure, or fluctuating flow. Dresser Meters may be used from a few ounces up to full capacity of the meter’s maximum pressure rating with highly accurate measurement over a wide operating range. This equates to a lower total cost.

Principle Features:

  • Full range of meter sizes from G16 through G1000
  • High Pressure meter sizes from G16 through G100
  • Permanent Metrological repeatability
  • Accuracy independent of gas specific gravity, line pressure, or fluctuating flow
  • Flange Classes ANSI #150 FF 2” to 8” or PN 16 FF in pipe sizes DN40 to DN200
  • Temperature range: -40°C to +70°C
  • Permanently lubricated, maintenance free gear reduction Accessory Units
  • Euro Counter: 355° rotateable index with LF Pulser, Optional HF pulser available upon request
  • Series 3 – numerous types available
  • MID Certified
  • Option MC2 Pressure and temperature Volume Converter

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