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B METERS RFM-MB1 Wired MBus Module for water Meters

B METERS RFM-MB1 Wired MBus Module for water Meters available at MWA Technology
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B Meters

B METERS RFM-MB1 Wired MBus Module for water Meters

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The RFM-MB1 is a wired M-BUS module suitable for the consumption data transmission and applicable to the single jet GSD8-RFM.

Easy to install and configure, in addition to the current consumption and up to 12 months of historical values, it can detect several fraud attempts against the meters, the prolonged functioning at the maximum flow rate (Q4) and a potential water loss downstream the meter.

Specification Value
Working temperature – 10oC to 55oC
Power supply Bus power supply + 3v lithium battery
Battery life Without bus power 1 year
Protection IP65
Data transmission Wired MBus EN 13757-2/3
Coverage Depending on MBus master
Measuring sensibility 1 litre
Transmitted Data Volume consumption, Alarms
Alarms Discharged battery, module removal, magnetic fraud attempt, maximum flow rate overlapping, backward flow, leakage detection

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