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Itron Intelis ultrasonic cold water meter

Intelis 15/20/25/32/40/50
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Itron Intelis ultrasonic cold water meter

Intelis 15/20/25/32/40/50
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Itron  Intelis ultrasonic cold water meter has highly accurate measurement of consumption with temperature , leak and air detection ,flow profile , backflow ,tampering alarms .

Installation in any position ,IP68 index

EN 13757 Mbus output with Wireless Mbus option

Approvals MID 2014/32/UE ,WRAS


Type               Size              Q3 max flow       Q1 min flow

Intelis 15        1/2 BSP          2.5 m3/hr           6.4 litres/hr

Intelis 20         3/4 BSP         4.0 m3/hr           6.4 litres/hr

Intelis 25         1   BSP          6.3 m3/hr           12.5 litres/hr

Intelis 32         1.1/4 BSP     10.0 m3/hr          12.5 litres/hr

Intelis 40          1.1/2 BSP    10.0 m3/hr           40.0 litres/hr

Intelis 50           2  BSP        25.0 m3/hr           40.0  litres/hr



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