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Black Teknigas Powerseat ECO

Black Teknigas Powerseat ECO available at MWA Technology
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Black Teknigas Powerseat ECO

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  • Safety shut off valves for gas, air and oil
  • EN161 approved; EC certificated
  • Robust construction to IP54
  • Electro-hydraulic slow opening operation
  • Closure in less than 1 second
  • Fitted with closed position switch (volt free)
  • Optional open position switch (volt free)
  • Flanged and screwed body connections
  • Ultra high flow rate/connection size ratio
  • Suitable for vertical or horizontal mounting
  • Plugged test points both sides of body
  • Open position indicator
  • Available in 110V and 230V 50Hz versions
Valve Type Connection Actuator Orifice Diameter Max Flow Nat. Gas S.G.0.6 Max Operating Pressure
BC6683 1.5″ Screwed PE668S 50mm 67 p2.5mbar m3/hr 1000 Forward mbar
BC6684 2” Screwed PE668S 50mm 80 p2.5mbar m3/hr 1000 Forward mbar
BC6685 2.5” Screwed PE668LS 76mm 150 p2.5mbar m3/hr 350 Forward mbar
BC6685FL4 65mm Flanged PE668HS 76mm 100 p2.5mbar m3/hr 350 Forward mbar
BC6686 3” Screwed PE668LS 76mm 165 p2.5mbar m3/hr 350 Forward mbar
BC6686FL4 80mm Flanged PE668HS 76mm 100 p2.5mbar m3/hr 350 Forward mbar
BC6687 100mm Flanged PE6687S 96mm 220 p2.5mbar m3/hr 250 Forward mbar
BC6689FL4 150mm Flanged PE6689S 150mm 510 p2.5mbar m3/hr 500 Forward mbar
BC66810FL4 200mm Flanged PE66810S 200mm 1200 p2.5mbar m3/hr 250 Forward mbar
BC66811FL4 250mm Flanged PE66811S 250mm 1430 p2.5mbar m3/hr 250 Forward mbar

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